Cold laser therapy is non-toxic, easy to apply, very safe, cost effective therapy which has no side effects or pain. It is superior alternative to analgesics, NSAIDs, and other medications. It reduces need for surgery.

Cold laser therapy is used for:

  • Faster Wound Healing - Helps in fibroblasts development and collagen synthesis

  • Rapid Cell Growth - Speeds up cellular reproduction and growth

  • Increase Metabolic Activity - Helps to supply food and oxygen to damaged tissue.

  • Reduce Fibrous Tissue Formation - Reduces the formation of scar tissue as a result of cuts, scratches, burns and post surgery.

  • Anti-Inflammatory - Reduces swelling cause by injury or joint inflammation that leads to improvement of joints mobility.

  • Stimulate Nerve Function - Restore nerve functions, helping to bring life to the numb areas.